What if they already have one?

They don't!

I never know what to get that will be something someone truly wants?

If they have a door, they want this.  We will personalize the kick plate to any style desired by the gift receiver(s).  We have design options to fit any style, funny, classy, modern, you name it - we can do it. You are giving a gift that the receiver will customize on their own! Guaranteed to give something they truly want! 

How are we offering the best gifting solution out there?

1. A Deck the Door Decor kick plate is a guaranteed way for you to win the heart of any receiver.  A gift should be personalized, thoughtful and relevant; something that the receiver always looks at fondly with memory that YOU got this awesome gift for them. Give a gift that will always keep you on their mind.

2. As stated above, this git is 100% customizable for your specific receiver.  It does not need a gift receipt, because it will not be returned.  It will not be re-gifted or discarded, promise. 

2. Not only is the gift perfect, it is paired with booze and snacks, so the person you gift to can shop from the comfort of home while enjoying being wined and dined!

3. THE BEST PART is how easy we have made it on you!  Pick your package, check on out, and we will do the rest!  Our package will be delivered to the door of your receiver to enjoy when they wish! 

What is Deck the Door Decor? 

It may come as a surprise that Deck the Door Decor started small,  with only one person creating each kick plate by hand at home. We have transformed into a luxury kick plate company. Deck the Door Decor has customizable metal and magnetic kick plates,  to help make any house into a home. We have the right formula for gifting.  

What is a kick plate?

A kick plate is a piece of decorative and protective, traditionally, metal that lines the bottom of a door.  It is a statement piece for the entryway of a home, office, or any doorway.  Further, it serves as a way to protect and preserve doors and even to give a facelift to an old door. 

Deck the Door Decor has taken this concept to the next level with customizable engraved and embossed kick plates that are unique and outstanding. We have also created a line of magnetic kick plates that are interchangeable for all seasons, holidays and styles! 

Who writes the cards in the gift package?

We do!  With real ink, every single time! 

Are the kick plates easy to install?  I don't want to create a headache for the receiver!

You best they are easy to install!  Our metal kick plates come in screw or adhesive mount; we have easy install videos HERE.  Our magnetic line is super simple - just line it up and stick it on! 

How long is lead time with shipping? 

Please anticipate 2-3 weeks for processing and shipping during non-holiday times. 

Can you ship to any state?

Due to restrictions with alcohol shipping, we are not able to ship to Utah, Mississippi, or New Hampshire.  The other 47 are all good!